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Athlete of the Week: Cassie Gitkin

Athlete of the Week: Cassie Gitkin

Photo Courtesy of Paul Wilke Cassie is a junior from Highland Park, IL. She is a third-year member of the Dance Team and also serves as Treasurer. Her favorite style of dance is Poms. At Lawrence, Cassie is pursuing a double major in Studio Art and English. In addition to being a member of Dance

Learn about a new sport: tec

Technical diving, “tec”, is a type of scuba diving that exceeds the limits of recreational diving. First, we need to take a step back. Scuba diving is where a diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). This means the diver has an air tank, usually filed with compressed air. This giver the diver greater

Volleyball narrowly defeated by Carroll University

Junior Arianna Neumeyer jumps up for the kill. Photo by Emei Thompson On Thursday, Sept. 21, the volleyball team had a home match against non-conference Carroll University. If you weren’t at this game, know it was a nail biter — each set (excluding the second) was decided by four points or fewer. Carroll won three

Athlete of the Week: Bernard Lilly

Photo provided by Katie Frankel. With fall term well underway, fall sports have started and intramurals are not far behind. Intramurals, whether it be soccer, basketball, volleyball or badminton, have all gotten much more competitive. This week I had the pleasure to talk with one of the most successful players in intramural basketball. Senior Bernard

Viking of the week: Teddy Kortenhof (Men’s Track & Field)

Photo courtesy of Teddy Kortenhof. This week I had the pleasure to talk to the former sports editor and current writer Teddy Kortenhof. Kortenhof, a junior, runs cross country in the fall and distance indoor and outdoor track and field. Last week the track team had multiple first and second place performances—among them was Teddy’s