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Freshman Sportlight: Josh Janusiak (Track)

Freshman Sportlight: Josh Janusiak (Track)

Photo by Emei Thompson This week, I talked with freshman and distance runner Josh Janusiak. Last weekend, Janusiak traveled to the Hillsdale Gina Relays with the top runners on the track team. At the meet, Janusiak faced some of the stiffest competition in division three track. The freshman rose to the occasion, running the 10,000

Blast from the Past: “Re-Play: Lawrence Baseball”

This article, published sixty years ago, recounts the birth of one of Lawrence’s teams. It is strange to think that teams that seem so permanent today were at one point no more than an idea under debate. What team might be added next to Lawrence’s roster? Published 4/20/1956 Author: Richard Bjornson Ripon’s announcement this spring