About The Lawrentian

Since 1884, The Lawrentian has been Lawrence University’s student newspaper. The Lawrentian is entirely student-run. It is one of the university’s oldest and longest-running student organizations, as well as the oldest Lawrence publication still in production.

The Lawrentian Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief—Andrew Brown ’20  

 Copy Chief—Dannielle Konz ’21

Managing Editor—Alex Dahl ’20

News Editor—Allegra Taylor ’20

Variety Editor—Claire Zimmerman ’20

Sports Editors—Madeline Maclean ’19

Features Editor—Genevieve Cook ’21

Arts and Entertainment Editor—Georgia Greenberg ’20

Opinions and Editorials Editor—Max Craig ’20

Photo Editor—Larissa Davis ’20

Marketing and Web Manager—Caroline Garrow ’21

Copy Editor—Peter Lagershausen ‘20

One Comment;

  1. Sharon Kolo said:

    Hi! Would you guys be able to let me know where I’d be able to get my own newsprint paper? I work at Edison Elementary School and a small group of students are working on getting a newspaper published there. I am trying to find ways to print on the actual paper that newspapers use but I’m unsure on how to go about finding this paper. If anyone could let me know or point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it! Thank you!