Diversity & Inclusion Statement

During the 2020-21 news cycle, the editorial board of The Lawrentian implemented practices and policies designed to expand coverage to encompass multiple perspectives and amplify diverse voices.

By establishing sound policies, creating systemic processes for enacting them, and drawing on support from individuals across campus for ongoing process analysis, The Lawrentian staff will maintain objective standards and promote inclusivity. As a part of this procedure, every staff member will be required to sign the following statement of diversity and inclusion.

The staff of The Lawrentian reaffirms its commitment to representing the diverse community of Lawrence University that embraces all members, including those marginalized by aspects of their identities. The principles of respect and inclusion are critical to our mission as a newspaper dedicated to cultivating dialogue across differences and to the representation of all members of the Lawrence community. The Lawrentian is committed to equal access and opportunity for all voices.