Athlete of the Week

Tara Carmody

What is your favorite team memory?
It’s really hard to narrow down because there are so many, but my favorite team memory this year would have to be dancing with the women’s and men’s team on the bus on the way home from away games.What are your thoughts on the season?
This year has been tough, and anyone can see that by viewing our record, but I am proud to be a part of my team. We have never let up and we play with pride. The hard times and close losses have only brought us closer together as a team and as friends on and off the court. We have a chemistry that I’ve never been a part of before.

You have filled some big shoes this year. What have you done to help prepare for that position?
I didn’t really plan on having to fill any shoes. When I had a meeting with Coach Walsh in the beginning of the year I remember being told that this year was a year that I could really focus on improving my skills without any pressure seeing as I am only a sophomore and we have extremely talented seniors in the spotlight. Unfortunately, our team has been injury prone and I guess I just naturally stepped up through playing my best and leaving everything on the court. I guess I really took advantage of being able to play everyday and I really wanted to do it for the girls who couldn’t play. I think I’m just lucky.

Would you rather be able to dunk or shoot 50 percent from the three-point line?
I’d probably rather dunk, because I can already shoot 50 percent from behind the arc.just kidding! But yeah, being able to dunk would probably be one of the coolest achievements as a female basketball player. I guess I’ll work on my vertical this summer!

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Chris Carlson?
My favorite thing about Chris Carlson is his amazing girlfriend, Margaret Rhatican. And my least favorite thing about Chris Carlson is his inability to keep up with my witty commentary and extremely clever disses. And his black hair.