Drunk in Love


As most of us know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, the day during which Cupid shoots his arrow at couples across the nation, causing everyone to think they have to be romantic.
Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions on which to show your special someone how much you care. But why, if I may ask, does there just have to be one day dedicated to romance? In my opinion, there doesn’t.
People build up the idea of romance to be this epic concept in which they associate being romantic with buying a dozen roses, jewelry, or box of chocolates. Although sweet, there are many more gestures that are romantic and many more gifts that you can give. Therefore, here are a few suggestions not just for special occasions, but for a surprise on any day.
1. Perfume or cologne. It’s a win-win. You will like the way your partner smells even more and they will enjoy your furthered desire to be close to them.
2. Surprising your partner by taking them out to dinner or having dinner ready for them is obviously romantic. There are a plethora of good restaurants down College Avenue such as Jimmy John’s or Hunan 1 — General Tso’s oozes romance.
3. Give your partner flowers. Roses are good, but try to figure out her favorite. And though guys may like flowers, a dozen beers may be more appreciated.
4. Randomly say you should go out to a movie theater in Appleton. Break the norm of in-dorm movie-watching and go to a local theater. Perhaps if you tell your partner that you are going to something like “Atonement” or “Rambo,” they will appreciate your openness.
5. The Rave down in Milwaukee constantly has music concerts going on, so every now and then check out what they are offering and surprise your partner with tickets. It will be a nice break from campus and music has a way of bringing people closer together.
6. In general, you can never go wrong with giving your partner something you made. Making a CD, a scrapbook that you can each add to over time, a knitted hat, or even some sort of bracelet or necklace they can wear would all be sweet gestures.
7. Consider writing your significant other a love sonnet. The thoughtfulness of it will cancel out the corniness. Or, if that’s a stretch, Shakespeare was a pretty decent poet.
8. Give you partner an assortment of “coupons” that they can use when they want. They may read something like “good for one back rub” or “good for a long walk down by the Fox River.”
Showing your partner how much you care should not be a chore. You shouldn’t feel obligated to do something romantic because society tells you to. This fantastical idea of romance should not be intended just for Valentine’s Day; rather, we should all strive to spice up our relationships on any given day. So some random Thursday, go to the thrift shop and pick out funny outfits for one another, eat at Hunan 1, and finish it off with drawing each other in the snow.