Featured Athletes: Susan Klumpner and Hanah McCarthy

Susan Klumpner (8-3), who currently holds the Vikings’ No. 1 spot, was named the conference’s player of the week two weeks ago. Teammate Hanah McCarthy (7-4) was awarded the same honor the following week for her performances at the No. 2 spot.
The two join forces at Lawrence’s No.1 doubles spot, where they have a 5-3 record. Associate Sports Editor Phil Roy had a short conversation with the two ladies and addressed some tough and pertinent tennis issues.Phil: Soccer players slide tackle, basketball players throw elbows in the paint, and volleyball players do cheerleading routines in between points. What do you do to intimidate or emotionally or physically injure opponents?

Susan: Fist pumps, knee slaps and an occasional, “C’mon Sue!” The last one usually gets them.
Hanah: I definitely use my height as an intimidation factor when I walk on the court. Also, in the middle of the match, a good old “COME ON!” screamed after a point is always a great release.

P: Agassi sported the denim shorts, Serena the leather boots, and Coach Anderson the fluorescent yellow T-shirt. Tennis and fashion seem to be quite closely interlinked. As insiders, do you have any idea why?

Susan: The denim shorts, the leather boots and the fluorescent shirt were all meant to be worn together.
Hanah: About Coach’s fluorescent shirt … I have a feeling this isn’t going to rock the up-and-coming tennis world. Nothing personal, Coach.

P: Some have suggested that the tennis courts be replaced by a four-story parking lot. Any comments?
Susan and Hanah: That’s not nice.

P: So you’re not for it. Anyway, which professor would you challenge to a tennis match? And who would win?

Susan: I would challenge Professor Glick simply because I hear his foosball game is similar to his tennis game, in that he loses.
Hanah: Well, Coach Tharp and DePagter challenge me to tennis every time I see them, but from previous experience last year when my roommate/partner Tara and I played them, we know who will win. Come on, they might be good at basketball but we know how to get it done on the courts.