Column Contest Entries

Columnist 2

Did you know bright sunlight attracts outgoing, fun and confident individuals? The shadowed or dimly lit areas of a dining room will attract shy, more reserved types.
Many years at LU have shown me the transformation (as a caterpillar in a cocoon emerging as a butterfly) of students arriving as freshmen and continuing through the chrysalis stage, transferring from one area of the dining room to another.
This says a lot about education at Lawrence University: growing up and finding oneself.
Who do we find in the bright sunlight this time but “Matty” and his sidekick (I’ll call him “Clancy”) speaking in the Irish brogue. At first I had thought they were from the theatrical department.
Then, I started noticing a “Conservatory Rush” a bit later into the lunch period. These two guys, along with many other “Cons” would rush over to Lucy’s from across campus to enjoy the “sunlit atmosphere,” not to mention the delicious food cooked and served by our staff.
No, Matty and Clancy were not from the theatrical segment of campus, and here is how I found out.
One day, Matty came in and there was a big irritating-looking ring around his lips. I said, “It must be very cold outside. Your lips seem chapped.”
He explained his upcoming recital was scheduled and he had “been practicing.”
By the way, did you know tuba players are supposed to be good kissers? I had read it in a newspaper column. Anyway, I started to see many students with “marks of their trade” around campus. One little gal was a student worker with us at Lucy’s. She had a permanent “hickey” on her neck from her violin.
I had calloused fingertips when I used to play guitar. I was not half bad at it. I know what it is like to have a passion and be able to express it. What I was lacking at the time was true dedication. At Lawrence University, many students work, study and practice – full-time plus – toward their passion. That’s dedication!
I would like to share with you some tidbits about the religious studies major, the graduate with honors, who was accepted at Harvard; a surgeon who had at one time rolled cutlery for us; a chemistry major with a vocal performance minor and many other folks I have encountered during my time as a dining service worker here at LU.