Featured Athlete: Rick Moore

Peter Griffith

Freshman Rick Moore has been a catalyst for the Lawrence men’s soccer team this year. He leads the team in total points, highlighted by a hat trick against Lake Forest late last month. Recently Moore scored the only goal in the Vikings 1-0 win over Clarke College. Lawrentian Sports Editor Peter Griffith asked Rick a few questions about soccer, being a freshman and goalie fights.Rick Moore’s Vitals: Freshman engineering major hailing from Cary, Ill.

The Vikings are currently fourth in the MWC with three games left. Since only the top four teams make the playoffs, these next three games are crucial. What are the keys to picking up road wins at St. Norbert and Grinnell, both playoff-bound teams?

Well, being a freshman, I have little experience in playoffs and this kind of atmosphere. But I would have to say that we need to take each game one at a time. Work hard in training and take that intensity into the game. We can’t react to the other team’s game. We need to take our game to them and stay composed. If we can do this we will secure a place in the playoffs.

Do you ever get any crap from your teammates for leading the team in both goals and assists in your first year?

Actually, no one has really said much about me being a freshman and leading the team in points. Mostly, I get a “congratulations, good work.” The team expects more out of me, which keeps me competitive.

Steve Schnorr and Hunter Ryan have both been terrific in goal of late, combining for 270 straight minutes of shutout soccer going into this weekend’s matchup with St. Norbert. Who would win in a no-holds-barred bare knuckles boxing match?

Easy, Hunter.

What if they both had swords?

What a weird question. But I’d have to say Hunter. Steve’s Mohawk may even get scalped.