Security does more than just shut down parties

Most normal campuses do not have a security team that acts as not just protectors, but also chauffeurs, parents, friends and confidants. However, here at Lawrence, we are fortunate to have a security staff whose top priority is caring for their students. Lawrence has its own security staff, comprised of eight full-time officers and four part-time officers. Some years, one or two Lawrence students are also hired as part-time security workers. They all work very hard to ensure the safety and well-being of the Lawrence community.

Most people know security does much more than just patrolling the campus for suspicious activity. Among their many duties, security can be called upon to be an escort at any time of day or night, to open doors if keys were locked inside and even to take students to doctor appointments, if preapproved by a school nurse, or to the hospital at any time of day if it is an emergency. Freshman Jori Warwick really appreciates campus security. She adds, “I really like the security here! They keep us safe, but they’re like a loving parental figure. I close the library, so they’re always there at night and they never forget to ask how my day is or how school is going.”

Most students’ interactions with security happen because of a locked dorm room. When freshman Maggie D’Alessio got locked out of her room, security immediately came to her aid. She commented that “they’re good at what they do, and they respond quickly to you. Basically, helpful and efficient.” Campus security is always happy to help; however, know that they are very busy and if there is someone else that can let you in, ask them first, and use security only if no one can let you in.

They are also very helpful in taking students where they need to go. Freshman Cha Vang thinks they are similar to superheroes! He says, “I like them, they’re helpful and nice. They’re helpful because whenever I call them they come, they take me to other dorms or where I park my car.”

Lawrence security has a close working relationship with the local police agencies. Police officers are immediately notified in the case of an emergency to provide backup. However, while security acts as the eyes and ears of the campus and are always alert to danger, they cannot be everywhere at once. If anyone on campus sees anything suspicious, they should call security at 920-832-6999 or, in the case of an emergency or crisis, Appleton Police at 9-911 from any campus phone.

If there is a crisis on campus that needs to be announced, Lawrence will use the LU Alert system, an emergency notification system that provides telephone, text and e-mail messages to students, faculty, staff and emergency contacts during a crisis situation. While students and faculty should always be aware of their surroundings and know that security and police are there to help if need be, Lawrence is typically very safe.