Letter to the Editor

I believe the removal of the Main Hall bathroom signs was wrong, but let’s put this in perspective here. Trans* people have been oppressed virtually without exception in all of Western culture for a couple thousand years or so. You can assume that there will be a bit of pent-up frustration after that.

When, in addition to that, somebody tries to get some small change made like providing bathrooms that a non-binary gender person or somebody who doesn’t feel comfortable with bathrooms for their chosen gender gets delayed, people might want to take action.

The amount of property damage was small and easily reversible. Nobody got hurt. And then all the cis “allies” like me came out of the woodwork talking about how terrible it is that somebody ripped a few signs off a wall because just getting waste out of their body involved forcing themselves to do something they really, really didn’t want to do or even lie.

I don’t think that is justice.

—Jack Walstrom ‘17