TV shows with an educational (okay, semi-educational) edge

Winter break is just around the corner. For those of you who are excited to simply relax, or for those of you who plan on being productive but will end up being lazy, winter break is a great time to catch up on or be introduced to some TV shows! Although most TV shows premiere in September, wonderful modern technology is available to help you catch up on episodes you missed because of your heavy workload and countless extra curricular activities. I took a stab at choosing some shows that would have special appeal for some of the majors on campus. You can pretend you’re being scholastic while being entertained.

Psychology Majors

The Blacklist (New)

For those of you who are Psych majors, you might be interested in this new crime drama! One of the FBI’s most wanted criminals turns himself in under the condition that he be allowed to help one very special detective find other criminals he has encountered throughout his career.

NBC, Monday nights, 10/9c

Pre-Med Majors

A Young Doctor’s Notebook (New)

Pre-meds, you might be interested in this new comedy about a doctor who looks back on his time as a medic in a Russian village.

SKY , Ovation TV, 10/9c

History Majors

Reign (New)

If any of you history majors have an interest in Mary Queen of Scots, this is the new CW drama for you. It may be trashy, but it will feed your fix for period costumes and executions.

CW, Thursday nights, 9/8 c

Doctor Who

Everyone knows about the Doctor. Travel back in time with him and experience different ages and some surprises along the way.

BBC One HD, (Netflix, Hulu, etc. )

Anthropology Majors

Modern Family

Interested in dissecting the inner workings of a very modern family? This mockumentary will have anyone giggling from the start, as three related families come together and tell their stories directly to the viewers.

ABC, Wednesdays 9/8c

Physics, Neuroscience, Biochemisty, Biology, Chemistry Majors

The Big Bang Theory

Watch a couple of the funniest Physics PhDs around, and learn a little something about science while you do it. There’s enough humor to go around in this show, even if you don’t know anything about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

CBS, Thursdays 8/7c

Economics Majors

Mad Men

Interested in business or advertising? Check out “Mad Men,” a show set in ‘60s New York: You’ll see a whole new side of advertising agencies you ever knew existed.

AMC, reruns on Sundays 6-8 AM c

English Majors

Once Upon a Time

For those English majors who read all of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales growing up, watch “Once Upon a Time” to see them all come together. This show creatively weaves the plots of old fairy tales into a modern drama set in Maine.

ABC, Sundays 8/7c

Political Science and Pre-Law Majors

The Good Wife

         If you’re at all interested in getting your J.D., or if you just find lawyer lingo sexy,  “The Good Wife” is a great show set in Chicago. Follow the wife of Chicago’s own state attorney as she goes back to work as a lawyer when her husband is sent to jail for corruption.

CBS, Sunday 9/8c