The Specht Pages: Life in the Real World

Do you love your alma mater? Are you afraid to enter into the real world? Hello, and welcome to Specht Pages, the true and supreme voice of Lawrence University. For this celebratory 30th issue, the Specht Pages team interviewed a number of Lawrentians with one simple question: “What’s one thing that you can do at Lawrence that you won’t be able to do once you graduate that you will miss?” So sit back, relax and nod in agreement as Specht Pages reveals what Lawrentians had to say:

“Eating yogurt and granola for every meal of the day.” -Kate Bellile

“Playing music with great musicians multiple times a day every day.” -Eli Edelman

“Having sex in the chapel!” -George Washington

“Living a short walk away from all of my friends and necessities.” -Tristan Tucker

“Not having to pay for my own room, board, food, medical expenses, etc.” -Jordan Marks

“Free printing.” -Kate Johnson

“Eating chocolate pudding on the third floor of the library” -Sam Tabibzadeh

“Complaining. We don’t pay $50,000 a year to ________ (not have a practice room, eat this horrible food, not have phones in our rooms, not get a copy of The Lawrentian, only get to keep a DVD for two days).” -The Shitty Kitty

“Definitely Sambistas.” -Sarah Wagner

“Where else am I going to be able to wear ugly sweaters every day and have no one question it?“ -Alysa Levi D’Ancona

“Careening down the sidewalks on my bike, almost running everyone over.” -Kevin Specht

“Playing bass naked in public.” -Nick Allen

“Gaming house. It is a very relaxed, judgment-free zone where I can go geek out and play games with friends.” -Sean Jobes

“Skipping class is actually an amazing thing. Deciding that you have a better plan than whatever lesson you paid for and then doing that [at the] spur of the moment is really self-empowering. After college, you can’t skip. You can take [a] vacation, or you can call in sick, but the feeling is indelibly different. Every sick day and vacation day is hugely valuable, so if you haven’t planned in advance, it’s hard to justify being spontaneous.” -Kevin McHugh

“Being able to see movies, in a theater, for free. For a short time, everyone in the theater is able to share in a story together—sharing laughter, fear, sadness, confusion – anything.” -Morgan Gray

“I won’t be able to have a super awkward interaction with someone I don’t know and just say ‘That’s the Lawrence difference!’ and then whatever happened is no longer awkward and that person and I could potentially become friends.” -Shelby Guinn

“Senior Streak” -Mike Magian

“I’ll miss reading in the Wisconsin warm (around or above freezing) weather on Union Hill with friends, while watching the sky.” -Shannon Grant

“Sleep in Somerset.” -Jamie Cartwright

“Eat four chicken breasts a meal.” -Kip Hathaway

“I will miss the sweet, rare victory of a good tuna sandwich day when buying a sack lunch.” -Dana Debofsky

“Detonator. That game involves smashing a beer can on your head. I just don’t think I could do it outside of college now. But I don’t think I actually miss it.” -Jon E. Erkkilä

“I can go to one, two or three concerts almost every weekend for free. I can also walk to them. I probably won’t ever have as great access to music, theatre and the arts as I do now.” -Anna Buchholz

“Having someone (namely, security) to let me into my room when I have lost my keys. Also, the fact that if you break a law on campus (like nudity, public urination, skateboarding on things, etc.) you just get in trouble with security and not the real law. We’re in like a weird lawless bubble.” -Curran Carlile

“Cramming everyone into my tiny dorm room for maximum bonding.” -Abby Kosberg

“Three words: The Viking Room. It’s really a one of a kind college bar and TriVR is so much fun!” -Kate Allison

“Bagels at 11:30 p.m. Also, answering questions for Specht Pages.” -Stephanie Sundberg

“Running around naked” -Casey Frensz

“Heading to the cafeteria for some good, wholesome food. I hate cooking” -Josh Moran

There you have it, it’s not as bad as you thought it was. In fact, things are only going to get worse from here.

You heard it first from Specht Pages!