LUCC Executive Election Results: Canfield and Ditto set to lead LUCC for the next year

The results are in. Lawrence’s new president is senior Jack Canfield, and junior Devin Ditto takes the role of vice president.

The ecstatic President-elect Canfield said, “As far as I know, the turnout was really strong, which was really exciting. Lawrence is definitely a place I am passionate about.”

Strengthening Lawrence’s sports culture and relationship with the downtown community are first on Canfield’s agenda.

“Just having an official position to work from to go about making change is something I am really looking forward to. I’ll have more resources and avenues from which I can make change. I feel really lucky and honored,” continued Canfield.

Vice President Devin Ditto expressed similar sentiments.

“I look forward to being the person that people can feel comfortable coming to with their concerns,” she said. “I’m really excited about getting to work with groups around campus on a more personal level as vice president and not just a district representative.”

In addition to electing the new executive officers of LUCC, students voted to pass Referendum 2014-A, which will change the way LUCC representatives are elected. Instead of running elections for representatives from each geographical district, it will elect representatives by class year. The referendum will be further discussed at the LUCC general meeting on Monday, Jan. 27, and will be voted on during the general meeting on Monday, Feb. 10.