Fans solve puzzles and cases in Sherlock app

 For many fans of the popular BBC show “Sherlock,” the three-episode seasons are just not enough, despite each episode’s lengthy one-and-a-half-hour running time. So if a way by which we can get more of our fix emerges, we jump on it. Enter “Sherlock: The Network.”

The new app from the creators of the show puts you in the shoes of a member of Sherlock’s hallowed homeless network. Sherlock gives you cases to help him solve. You traverse London via a map overlay and modes of transportation: walking, tube or taxi. Each one gives you certain points, and you have to solve these cases as quickly as possible. You don’t need to use any of your limited funds to walk to the locations, but your score will take a major hit if you choose to walk. The tube and taxi come with their own mini puzzles that help you speed up the process to save you time and money.

Once you travel to your location, there are a number of things to do: Take pictures of the crime scene, analyze the clues, decrypt messages, solve a code or hack a phone. All of these come with their own challenges and puzzles. Meanwhile, Sherlock, John Watson, Molly Hooper and many of the other characters will send you texts or voicemails to help you along with the case. Each case can take up to 30 minutes and is completely original. Some don’t even get solved immediately. I, for one, am in one that involves the abduction of Mrs. Hudson from Baker Street and has already spanned multiple cases with breaks in between.

Finally, when all clues have been found, Sherlock will tell you to use your “mind palace” to figure out which three clues you found will help you analyze the crime and figure out who was responsible for the crime and why. The game does a great job of incorporating the noises and visual cues from the show. The mind palace consists of a picture of Sherlock with the cues whirling around his head, and you have to pick out the most important. Although simple, this is similar to the show’s visual motifs and gives a certain air of authenticity to the app, making it that much more fun.

The app comes complete with the Sherlock soundtrack, which keeps you immersed in the case. As time ticks, the tracks pick up in intensity and you really feel as though you are racing against the wire to help Sherlock solve the case. With the added bonuses of trivia from the show, snippets of filming information and original videos of the cast directing you in the case, the app is a complete thrill for any Sherlock fan.

“Sherlock: The Network” is a great addition to the Sherlock canon. For any fan who wants to spend some time solving cases with their favorite detective while they talk directly to you, while getting a decent mental workout in the process, the App is a must-buy.

“Sherlock: The Network” is available now on iTunes for $4.99