Inside LU Intramurals

In the dead of this polar vortex, many have found new life inside the Wellness Center with the startup of 2014’s winter intramural season. With volleyball, basketball, badminton and soccer in full swing, old rivalries, new stars and epic games are on the agenda for this weekly insider.



Porky’s Groove Machine tops the leader board with a 2-0 record after Matt Lowe and his crew defeated Kari’s Homecooking in their double-header. Nancy’s Numbskulls have also started the season off well, beating Rainbow Rhinos in two straight (also in a double header).



Three games went down in basketball and they were all pretty close. Hannah Montana defeated 2 Fresh 38-28, putting them ahead in the standings alongside St. Vincents. The Monstars unfortunately lost both of their games, approaching the season now as the underdog. 2 Fresh managed to redeem themselves in their second game, topping the Monstars 48-43.



The ever-so-popular badminton tournament had its opening night on Tuesday, Jan. 21. With 11 teams registered, the competition is stacked. Man Wolfs (Karl Schleevogt and David Kozloff) have started the season strong. With their two wins, they split the number one spot with The Birdies (Nigel Schuster and He Chang). Kari’s Homecooking, Brass and the Nucks, Cocky Swatters and The Cowards 2.0 will all have to pick up their game this week after a pair of losses each.



Last but not least, soccer included some interesting results and roster changes. Although the Lucky Strikes lost some key players in the form of Mattie Horn and Elyse Daley, they have managed to reinforce their squad with men’s soccer team seniors, Charlie Mann and Daniel O’Mahoney. The new squad lived up to its reputation as the Lucky Strikes defeated Blood 9-6.

The newly formed Red Dogs came out strong in their opener, beating Blitzkrieg Mongoose 9-1. Cobras came back this season with an unchanged roster and performed well, outscoring Kari’s Homecooking 7-3. Everyone’s favorite team, OFFL All Stars — the professors — lost their first game 4-1, against Red Dogs. The Red Dogs sit atop the standings right now, with one more game played than the rest of the competition.


Be sure to pick up next week’s issue of The Lawrentian, as we once again take you inside LU intramurals.