Secret life of our staff: Mary Meany

While many of us know Mary Meany as the fearless leader from Career Services, few are aware of her rich character beyond preventing Lawrentian unemployment.  This dean has a lot on her mind and some wise words for students in and out of the workplace.

Originally hailing from Stamford, Con., Ms. Meany wanted to extend her horizons away from the actual horizon line and more towards the middle of the country. As a legacy student, she was naturally drawn to Lawrence and she graduated in 1983 with a degree in Government.  Though she didn’t return again to her Appleton home until many years later, she says she feels the same vibes as when she was a student. “I see the closeness between friends on the campus, with a lot of the same dynamics of true connection,” she glowed.  Though there are many more resources available to us—like a strong Career Services office—Meany is proud to say the atmosphere has remained very intimate and conducive to close student bonds.

She also appreciates the greater Fox Valley, calling it a “gem” for its natural and cultural resources.  As an avid biker, she anticipates warm weather so she can make more trips like the ones she cycled on the coast of Maine and around Lake Tahoe.  Back at Lawrence, Career Services created the program called “Think Globally, Explore Locally,” which assists students in finding high-level jobs within a two-hour radius.  As a student body with “diverse and eclectic interests,” she encourages us to be open to diverse and eclectic career paths, nearby as well as elsewhere.

Her own trajectory supports this statement, as she was previously employed at Saks Fifth Avenue, General Reinsurance and JP Morgan.  Her choice to leave the corporate world came two and a half years ago, when she got the opportunity to share her HR knowledge with current students from her own university seeking jobs and internships. “While it wasn’t my first job, it actually was one of my dream jobs, so that kind of thing can happen!” she said encouragingly, reassuring that she has largely enjoyed her own career path.

While much of the big events from Career Services passed last week with the Scholars events, Meany reminds us that the office is a consistent useful resource.  Apart from help with résumé and cover letters, there are workshops for sophomores (S^2) and seniors (S^4) trying to prepare themselves for their respective next steps in life.  For more information on upcoming lectures and opportunities, see the Lawrence website.

Mary Meany “already has a full time job” taking care of Henrietta, her cat, but she has plenty of time to answer questions cheerfully and help students.  She comes from a place of wisdom about the job world and has a perspective specific to the Lawrence community.   With a resource so useful and friendly on campus, imagine what help she can be if you show up to your next meeting in Career Services with chocolate, her favorite treat.