LU Intramurals: Week 2

Another week of Winter Term means another week of LU intramurals. Have no fear because your weekly update on the hottest action and news in volleyball, soccer and basketball is back once again.


Since soccer was last on the agenda the previous week, I figured it was suiting to put it first.

The Red Dogs were successful early on Thursday, Feb. 6 as they beat the veteran team Blood, 6-3. Unfortunately, the Red Dogs’ winning streak came to an end when they faced the Lucky Strikes, one of the favorites to win this year’s championship. It was a hard-fought battle, but the Lucky Strikes came out ahead by a final score of 4-2. Additionally, Cobras managed to annihilate Blitzkrieg Mongoose 15-0 before picking up a second win against OFFL All Stars, 3-1. Cobras and Lucky Strikes top the standings, both undefeated.



Hannah Montana has been racking up points as they top the leader board with an undefeated record. They defeated St. Vincent’s pretty convincingly 53-30, but had a close one with Da Glorious Too Fresh Crew, only winning by seven points, 38-31. “Preparation has definitely been key to our success. Getting plenty of sleep the night before games, eating well and obviously hydration. I think hydration has been the number one factor behind us winning,” said freshman shooting guard Michael “King Salami” Deremo. After two losses last week, Monstars came back with a vengeance to beat St. Vincents 51-25. On the other hand, St. Vincents struggled, picking up a pair of losses and one win. Their record currently stands at an even .500 (2-2).



Sexy Tom’s won back-to-back games this week against Flawless and Ball Busters, advancing their place in the standings. Nonetheless, Porky’s Groove Machine managed to pick up another win, leaving them on top of the tables after a stellar performance from Ed Wierzbicki, who aced home the match. The Rainbow Rhinos are struggling hard with a 0-4 record after being defeated by Dirty Sets this week. Dirty Sets also went on to beat Randall Cobb to complete a pair of wins.


Due to lack of stats in volleyball and badminton for this week, more results will be available in the next issue.