Teachers announce new courses for Fall 2008

The school administration has announced a new crop of classes to be offered next Fall term. The new classes will be offered in every division, and at varying levels, from introductory to capstone courses. Some require instructor approval for registration, so students wishing to sign up should speak with the professors. The following is a list of some of the new courses:
Matthew Ansfield, “PSTD: Dealing with Loss in a Post-Favre World”
Robert Beck, “Gender Roles in the 21st Century”
Marcia Bjornerud, “Dispelling Urban Legends: Global Warming”
Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald, “Meditation and Spring Term”
James Evans, “Life Science Painting by Numbers”
Jake Frederick, “Living in a “Full House”: Domestic Life in Latin America”
Dave Hall, “Tutorial in Hangover Studies” (Prerequisite required)
Andrew Knudsen, “Introduction to Natural Sciences: Field Trips”
Megan Pickett, “Astrology, a New Field in Physics Research”
Timothy Spurgin, “Advanced Fashion: Tying a Bowtie”
Mark Urness, “The Smoothest Melody: Kenny G’s Life and Works”
Dirck Vorenkamp, ”