Specht Pages: Hidden Gems

Do you love Lawrence University, but don’t feel like you’ve quite found your place? Would you like a cool hideout? Hello, and welcome to Specht Pages, the true and supreme voice of Lawrence University. In this celebratory 34th issue, we will share some of our favorite places on campus with all of you. So sit back, relax and allow Specht Pages to guide you on a lost campus.

While perhaps not an ideal study location, the Conservatory’s east elevator is a true gem. Not only is it large and better lit than most practice rooms, it also has a wonderful feature that takes us back to the simpler times: a rotary telephone. That’s right. Next time you find yourself in the Con, be sure to ride this very slow, grand, piano-sized elevator and take a trip through time.

Have you ever been in Harper Hall? Would you believe that there is a trap door backstage? It’s true! And it’s also true that it leads to another dimension.

Are you a Connie who wishes to never leave the Con? We all know that there are plenty of hiding places for the overnight hours, but what do you do when you smell and a sink touch-up just won’t do? Well, perhaps this will help push your dream one step closer to reality. In the basement of the Music Drama building, there are dressing rooms fully equipped with showers.

Across College Avenue, Kohler Hall, the infamous “Beer Can,” as some of you old timers remember it, has a most wonderful elevator. If you have the “magic touch,” there is a secret place filled with signatures and stickers that goes back many years.

You seniors out there have had your first opportunity to enter the Downer Commons, better known as the Hurvis Center to some of you youngsters. On the second floor, you will see the Teakwood Room, a room full of quality wood carvings and musty old furniture.

In Memorial Hall, there is a most special classroom in the southwest corner of the first floor. This room has big fluffy couches, a huge seminar table, chairs from the ‘30s and a beautiful stone fireplace.

On floors two through seven of Kohler, better known as the Tower of purity, there are some storage shelves that can also function as sleeping barracks with a little creativity. If you gather a few friends, you can stack four people in there! This must make your Lawrence bucket list!

International House is a true gem on campus. It features a flag room, wonderful couches, beautiful wood and a fully stocked kitchen!

The Strange Commons in Main Hall, WLFM Studios and Roger Dale Kruse Reflection Room on the fourth floor of the library are all tied up for the First Annual Specht Pages Award for the Best Places to Sit on Campus. You will find wonderfully fluffy, sleep-worthy couches in each of these locations. If you don’t have card access to the studios, simply tell the station manager that you would like to resurrect the Specht Parade Radio Show.

On the first floor of Briggs, past the CTL, you will find the Sager Education library. Here, you’ll find books, chairs, couches, grandfather clocks and, generally, a productive place to study.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of all the worthwhile places on campus. Enjoy crowding them up and making us old timers have to find new secret places for us to do our bidding.

You heard it first from Specht Pages!