Social mishap causes mishap -ama

Lunch in Downer A came to a crashing end shortly after noon on Sunday after a student ignored the social rules. At the time of publication, the perpetrator, a freshman girl, could not be located and is thought to be holed up in a friend’s Trever double waiting for the serious repercussions of her incredible social blunder to wane.
Said freshman, whose identity has not yet been released, allegedly began to discuss Saturday night’s events without glancing around the room, affecting what is known to most as “the Lawrence Look,” to ascertain that the subject of the discussion was not within earshot.
That subject was in earshot, however, and was just taking the first sips of her steamy green tea when she heard loud laughter behind her. The subject of the events has opted to remain anonymous, although I would guess that most of the campus knows who she is and what she did by now.
“I just heard, you know, this certain frat mentioned, and this certain girl, who was me, and her outfit, and I was just so pissed,” said the girl.
Her shame escalated into ire too quickly for any authority to be called in to intervene. The girl allegedly stood up, turned around suddenly, and flung her mug of tea in the general direction of the gossiping party. It hit the wall with a shatter outdoing any previous Downer clatter ever raised from anyone slipping at the salad bar and dumping their whole plate of pasta and both beverages all over the place.
“I could not listen to my tights being discussed any longer, so I sort of lost control and had to throw something I guess,” said the girl.
The mug broke into several pieces and hot tea spilled all over the table and floor. No one was hurt physically, but the speaker of the gossip took a serious blow to her social life. She has not been seen since the incident. Further information is pending.