Senior Experience (snarky) -ama

Christie McCowen

The Senior Experience is a wonderful program. for you.
Sorry, Class of 2012, but you drew the short straw on this one. While at least a few of us older students who are in departments that do not already have a capstone can graduate without this lovely rite of passage, you all are out of luck.
Take heart, though. While the rest of us slackers will never know what it is to have a true ‘senior experience,’ you will leave these hallowed halls as seasoned and experienced professionals, armed with your 25-page papers, concert programs, and projects that will invariably prove that you are experts in your fields.
Keep this in mind when you are slumped over your computers at 4:00 a.m., fueled by nothing but caffeine and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Keep this in mind when, after typing for a good two hours straight, you look up at your computer screen and realize that even you don’t get what’s written there.
Now, I know that you most likely don’t have a clue of what awaits you. Right now, as you contemplate who to ask to the Senior Prom, you have no idea that in about four years, you’ll be living on coffee and Triscuits, going to class in the same clothes that you were wearing the day before and developing a taste for flannel pajama bottoms as pants (please don’t, though. our style columnists will have something to say about that).
That’s okay, Class of 2012. You’ll find out soon enough. And four years down the road when we are crying into our beers about how empty our lives are because we missed out on our senior experience, we’ll drink to you. Cheers.