LU Intramurals: Week 4

Soccer and basketball had the week off due to reading period while badminton and volleyball still had a round of play. Some players took time off to rest during the long weekend and I was able to catch up with a player from each sport for this week’s edition of Inside LU Intramurals.

S: How long have you guys been a volleyball team and why?

O: We started playing last year because we wanted to hang out with the girls in our sorority more (Kappa Kappa Gamma). We all like competition, and a lot of us have played volleyball before, so we thought this would be a good thing for us.

S: What is the best part about playing intramurals?

O: The best part about playing is hanging out with my friends and having fun. I don’t really care too much about winning. This is a time for me to stop being competitive and just have fun. Also, every week we have different themes, so dressing the theme is really fun.”

S: Where did your team name come from?

O: We used to be Pup and Suds from the movie Brink, but that got old. Last year the all-star on our team was Hallie. So we always joked about how it was Hallie’s team, and we were all just ‘there.’ So we came up with the name Hallie and the six puppies.

S: How will you use these days off to help your team?

M: Practice seven hours a day. We had two-a-days to get in shape for playoffs.

S: What has been the highlight of your season so far?

M: Watching Dominic Bouressa dominate the low post every game. He has been a force down low.

S: Tell me about your team’s chances of winning a title?

M: I’m guaranteeing a championship. This year we’re going all the way.

S: You guys are currently second [place]. How do you feel going into playoffs?

ES: We feel pretty good. I would be really excited to play Man Wolf’s.

S: What can you say about your partner Galen Dods?

ES: He’s really quiet when you meet him. But catch him on the court and he is very intense and into it. He is pretty competitive and definitely wants to win.

S: Do you or your guys have any pregame rituals?

ES: We both stretch before the match; I don’t think anyone else does. I always listen to intense music in preparation of hitting that birdie.

S: How would you say the competition is this term?

TS: It’s akin to the Premier League in terms of competitiveness. Anyone can win.

S: What can we expect to see from the last two rounds before playoffs?

TS: Wins and champagne.

S: How would you rate your season so far?

TS: It’s been all about beverages, bros, and ‘ballin.’

S: Is there anything you would like to tell the other teams?

TS: [I would] tell the other teams to grow their flow and wear their long socks.


Intramurals will be back in action this coming week as we near the post season stretch. Every game is crucial as rivalries will flare, in your, LU Intramurals.