Bunke’s Blurb

Alex Bunke

I’ve noticed that The Lawrentian has a pretty killer feminist column and I think it’s only fair that The Lawrentian also include an equally awesome masculine-ist column.This column will feature discussion of rocks and boulders, beer Tuesday afternoons, hot rods, and Main Hall’s resemblance to a boob (hehe).

The column will be typed in ALL CAPS to emphasize its maleness. It will discuss how curiously kinky it would be to have a female president, and also the mind-blowing sexiness of the pantsuit.

It will teach men not to be afraid of feminists because, hey, feminists pass gas just like everyone else. Most importantly, the column will advocate the fostering of a new respect between men and women on campus.

Fruit snacks will be employed in this fostering. I am absolutely serious in every way about this proposal.