LUCC allocates funds for 06-07 academic year

Radhika Garland

The end of October closed another expensive chapter for LUCC, as it convened to allocate funds for student clubs and brainstorm new ideas to improve quality of life within the Lawrence community.
The Finance Committee, the Steering Committee board, and the Student Welfare Committee offered significant help to LUCC, as the committees often serve as soundboards where students can test ideas and voice their concerns.
The Finance Committee had two meetings Oct. 18 and 25 that reviewed the requests for funding of 11 out of the 46 Lawrence clubs and organizations recognized by LUCC.
Kelly Willman also made an individual funding request to bring a bluegrass band to campus.
The total amount requested by these groups amounted to $33,238, and $16,068 –48 percent of it — was awarded. The average award given to these clubs is not an accurate indication of what each receives, however, as awards ranged from $4,690 to $0 depending upon the legitimacy of the request.
Many of these 11 groups planned similar activities. SONG, LU Sportsman’s Club, McCarthy Co-op, Greenfire, LU Objectivism Club, and the Photography Club all had traveling expenses as a top priority in their budgets.
Five groups needed funding for guest speakers and conventions, which usually account for more than half of a club’s budget.
David Horowitz and a speaker from the NRA are coming to Lawrence on behalf of the Viking Conservatives and LU Sportsman’s Club respectively, for a total of $3,500 each.
The Photography Club, the Viking Conservatives, The Sportsman’s Club, and the Lawrence University College Republicans together were allotted 80% of the total budget thus far. None of Objectivism Club’s requests were accepted because it currently has a $1500 budget for speakers.
Any Lawrence group that is recognized by the LUCC may request a budget for a school year. The budget must be submitted a term before the year begins.
Since many groups so early in the year did not have a clear idea of future costs, certain categories in their budget were particularly vague. This helped LUCC reduce each group’s budget on the grounds that unspecified requests could not be granted freehandedly.
However LUCC encourages such groups to petition again when their funds are low, keeping in mind that the early budget requests are liable to change when costs are reassessed within the groups themselves.
LUCC will disperse $37,085 for the 2006-07 year.
The Steering Committee Report of Oct. 17 reviewed groups that were seeking recognition by LUCC. It met with the Photography Club, Craft Club, SoundBoard, Lawrence University Eating Club, Pro-Israeli Club, Knitting Club, and the Hip Hop Lab.
It eventually approved Craft Club and Knitting Club after questioning the validity of recognizing two groups that share the same mission statement.
At the Student Welfare Committee meeting, students discussed conducting a dining services survey in order to assess dining at Lawrence as compared to other colleges.
In addition, there is growing interest in introducing a composting system at Lawrence.
Members from the Greenfire, Sinfonia and GLOW houses all expressed an interest in establishing common compost, perhaps near the Co-op house. The SWC will continue to discuss composting, and as always, all students are invited to attend.