Class of 2007 to hold Masquerade Ball tonight

Brianna Stapleton

The class of 2007 will have a chance to dress up and make merry this weekend at the formal Masquerade Ball.
The ball is scheduled for tonight, Nov. 17, from 8 p.m. until midnight, and will take place at the Outagamie Museum next to campus.
Only seniors have been invited to the event. Because of the small capacity of the museum, the number of guests had to be limited.
Snacks will be served, as well as beer and wine from the Viking Room. The entire museum will be open so that guests get a chance to explore and see all of the exhibits, including an interactive look at Harry Houdini and an exhibit chronicling the 1960s.
Wednesday, during Senior Night at the Viking Room, materials were provided for students to make masks for the Masquerade. Senior Adrell Bullock will be the deejay for the evening.
Senior class president John Budi is excited about this social opportunity for seniors. “The idea was to have it be a classier event, giving the seniors a chance to get dressed up and feel special,” he said.
Inspiration for the ball came from similar events in the past and also the masquerade scene in “Phantom of the Opera.”
The Alumni Relations Committee assisted in planning the event.
Amber Dreher, vice president of the senior class, hopes that people will attend to see the result of all of the planning committee’s hard work.
“I am hoping this event will have a great turnout because we spent a lot of time planning and executing are ideas,” she said.
Dreher mentioned that there were some challenges planning the event; including meeting regulations so that alcohol could be sold at the ball. She encourages other seniors to get involved in the planning of future class events.
“The senior class officers, along with the program committee, meet weekly to plan our events,” she reminds seniors. “Any senior is welcome to join.” The meetings take place at 8 p.m. Thursdays in the Hiett Hall third-floor lounge.
The admission charge to the dance will be $6.
“The senior class does not have a lot in the budget, so we could not pay for the event in its entirety,” explained Budi. They requested RSVPs by Nov. 13 so that they could estimate how many people will be attending.
However, walk-ins will be admitted at the door for a charge of $8.
Budi hopes that many seniors take advantage of this special event.
“Seniors should attend this event because it is a chance for us to enjoy each others’ company before we have to head outside the Lawrence bubble.