Ask a fifth-year: An advice sample platter

Dear Reader,


I’ve been using this column to tackle a lot of the more serious issues we face here at Lawrence. But there’s also some wisdom to be found in the little and more trivial decisions we make. Here are 10 random little pieces of advice that could just make your time here a little more fun, productive and spontaneous.

Always running out of culinary cash? Try the all-culinary-cash meal plan next term, especially if you have extra swipes. You’ll still be able to use it to get into Andrew Commons, and if you’re running low, there’s always that one person with way too many swipes who would be happy to hook you up.

Find a private bathroom to use. Yes, every dorm has one. A private little haven where you’re not going to be self-conscious about, well, smell and noise. That might seem really stupid to you, but trust me, having that time to yourself can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Find an interesting place to study. Some of the academic buildings are pretty deserted at night, yet are still accessible. There are some really nice classrooms in various places that can be a much better place to study than in the library or your room.

Find a fun club to join. Something that doesn’t require a huge time commitment and involves something that you at least think you would enjoy doing. Sailing club, for example.

Feeling extra hungry and lazy? Toppers is great, but try other pizza places out. Uno Pizzeria has a great special: 2 deep dish pizzas for $20. That’ll feed four at $5 a person.

Retail therapy is an actual thing. Spend an afternoon at the mall with a friend. If you don’t have a lot of money, go in with a limited amount and find the best possible thing in the whole mall you can buy for that amount. It’s a fun game.

Go see a recital or performance. It’s all free entertainment, and it’s nice to support your fellow Lawrentians in what they spend a lot of time preparing for.

Don’t bother with the ATM in the campus center — cash checks written out to yourself at the Info Desk, if they’re under $50. No withdrawal fee!

Take a walk down the paths by the river that start at the bottom of the campus center. It’s a great way to get out of “city life,” if you could call it that. There are also a lot of great parks and frisbee golf courses within walking distance of campus.

In general, never be afraid to be spontaneous. Find those few precious hours you have totally open and let yourself do something thrilling, stupid or random. You won’t get that opportunity often when you’ve left Lawrence.

Burning metaphysical questions, annoying roommate problems or other random thoughts? Email if you’d like to be advised in next week’s issue.