Damn it, Janet! The Yuais did the Time Warp again!

Chad Bay

Sweet transvestites from transsexual Transylvania invaded Youngchild Hall the evening of Nov. 11.
Lawrence University’s Yuai community brought “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to life both on and off the screen in a live floor show staged in front of the film version.
“It was absolutely fantastic,” exclaimed an enthusiastic Melody Moberg. “I’ve seen the movie tons of times before, but this is the first time I’ve seen a live show.”
The actors spent two months in rehearsals preparing for their performances. JD Jicha, Chris Snapp and Erin Moore were co-directors for this performance of the show.
Performers spent most of their rehearsal time memorizing every scene of the film.
Two nights a week, Yuai members and other students involved in the show focused on learning the songs and every movement of their respective characters.
Snapp, who for the second time stepped into the role of Brad, explained, “The hardest part is synching up with the movie, so we mostly worked on blocking, as well as certain movements, facial expressions, etc. Once that was down, it was all about making the character your own.”
For many students involved in the show, creating the costumes was the most exciting part of the process. “I needed to rip the seams of my costume more. It definitely needed to be more slutty!” said Mark Langenfeld.
Indeed, the show calls for eccentric and often revealing costumes. Stiletto heels, garter belts and bustiers were in high demand for this outlandish cast.
“[Costumes have] been acquired over the years,” explained Erin Moore. “The props were found at thrift stores and through cast member’s donations.”
Moore is also an active participant in performances of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in her hometown, where she has played a Transylvanian Trixxie Dancer and the role of Janet.
The popularity of the show has definitely grown on campus. “We usually only do this event once a year,” an excited Jicha told the opening show audience. “But this year, we will be doing one for every trimester!”
The Yuai community invites any students interested in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to audition for either of the upcoming shows scheduled for winter and spring terms.