Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Three weeks ago, an article was written in The Lawrentian with the false accusation that Delta Tau Delta lost their house due to rape and sexual assault charges. When Delts read the article, we were astonished and felt personally attacked. It is these thoughtless accusations that perpetuate stereotypes and create a shroud around the subject of rape culture.

Delts did not “lose the house” during the school year of 2009-2010. Members of Delta Tau Delta decided not to re-apply for housing due to a lack in numbers. Ray Tucker, former president of Delt, wrote a Letter to the Editor for the May 15, 2009 issue of The Lawrentian describing the situation. It was a decision made with the help of alumni to increase Delt’s numbers and to really focus on the fraternity’s virtues. “We’re not rapists and drunks, this stereotype is untrue and I hope that the loss of our house will help people learn that fabricated stereotypes are detrimental to the community,” wrote Tucker.

The issue of rape needs to be talked about and understood on this campus. But it needs to be done in an effective way. We met with Malcolm after the incident and he sincerely apologized for his mistake and wanted to encourage people to see the wisdom in his article. People are so caught up in his accusations that they are missing his thesis; rape needs to be understood on this campus. We hope that in the future the editing staff will more carefully maintain the integrity of The Lawrentian as a news source on campus and check facts to make sure they are not falsely accusing organizations.

Delts want everyone to feel safe in our house; we have been blessed with a wonderful space and we want to make it open and welcoming to the community. I know the stereotype of men in a fraternity can be threatening, but if you get to know us, we are very sincere people who detest rape just as much as the writers of The Lawrentian.


Kelton Jenkins, President of Delta Tau Delta

Zach Eichhorst, Public Relations Chair of Delta Tau Delta