Letter to the Editor: Daniel O’Mahoney

To the Editor:

Being asked to donate back to Lawrence University seems to be greeted with “Why? Why give more money to the university when we pay tuition?” much of the time. The question that is never asked in return—but probably should be—is “Why not?”
Why not donate back to the place where a majority of us spent four years of our lives meeting lifelong friends, professors and other Lawrentians who will forever alter how we view the world? My first couple years here I told myself I would not give back right away. I will be saving to start my life and cannot afford to give back right away, let alone donate to my senior class gift while I am still paying to go here. However, I will donate today as a senior.
While I will not give thousands of dollars, not even hundreds (yet), I will donate $5. That contribution, while not a lot compared to other gifts, speaks volumes. It shows that I am grateful for my four years. Did you know that others care how many alumni donate to Lawrence? They do. Places that give grants look at this measure when deciding which university to award the money to. The more alumni who give back, the louder the message is that Lawrence University is a place where people believe in what they did for four years enough to give something. This small donation will do just that.
While I am looking forward to what is to come in the future, I will attribute a majority of my success to this campus and that is why I will donate a small amount to the senior class gift. Why not?

Daniel O’Mahoney, Student Ambassador to the Lawrence Fund