Man City wins English Premier League Title

By Jusuf Sarancic

An exciting season in the English Premier League (EPL) ended this Sunday with Manchester City being crowned the champion. This is Manchester City’s second title in three years.

The entire season was extremely captivating, featuring excitement, tears, and horror for all teams involved. There were over twenty lead changes for the first place team. Man City was strong all season and scored an astonishing 102 goals, the second most goals ever scored in a single EPL season.

Outside of the championship team, Liverpool fans also have a lot to be proud of. Liverpool’s star striker Luis Suarez scored 31 goals this season and won both the Barclays Player of Year Award and the Premier League Golden Boot.

Arsenal looked very promising this season with the arrival of star mid-fielder Mesut Ozil. Ozil helped them hold a commanding first place lead for a whopping 129 days. Ultimately, Arsenal finished in fourth, but still managed to qualify for the Champions League.

Oppositely, Manchester United had a very weak showing this season with the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the arrival of David Moyes, who performed very poorly this season. Man United still managed a seventh place finish, but failed to qualify for the Europa League.

The teams that were relegated this season featured Norwich City, Fulham, and Cardiff City.

In the last week of competition, alone, three different teams held first place: Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man City. Man City held first place for only 14 days and still succeeded in winning the league title.