Letter to the Editor: Lauren Welton-Arndt

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago there was an article written in The Lawrentian about the Student Organization for University Programming (SOUP). We believe this painted a false picture of our club as an unnecessary part of the Lawrence community. It is true that we had some trouble in the past with advertising for events, but we have improved this year. We have had several successful events with large turnouts, such as Grocery Bag Bingo and Iceless Skating.

The article mentioned that a better alternative to our club would be an entertainment and events branch in LUCC. This may sound like a good idea, but we are a small liberal arts school who does not have the population to support a committee like that. Schools that have a branch for entertainment and events are larger schools with over 5,000 students. Also, if LUCC did create a branch for entertainment and events we would not be the only club that would have to be dissolved. Other clubs would be Band Booking Club, LU Film club and LU-A-Roo.

In truth we are always open to new ideas and welcome anyone who has an idea for entertainment to our meetings at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays on the fourth floor of Warch.

—Lauren Welton-Arndt, Treasurer of SOUP