Trainers of the Week: Kevin Killian and Margaret Johnson

KevinKevin Killian

1) Why did you start training?

It is a really fun work environment especially with the competition and the energy surrounding the games. I also aspire to go into the medical field so treating injuries and patient care experience from this job are very beneficial for my future.

2) Which team is your favorite team to train for and why?

I can’t really pick a favorite because each team is great in a different way. Track meets are awesome and always have something going on. Baseball is America’s past time, so how could you not enjoy working? Same with softball and the girls are always good for a few on-field jokes that make Coach Tatro and I chuckle. The soccer guys are great and I never really understood soccer until working with them and it’s fun to watch. And football is the sport I was never able to really play because of hockey so its great being around the sport again.

3) What was the grossest thing you ever saw during a game?

The grossest thing I ever saw was probably when Kelson went to make a play and he just full on did the splits and popped his knee. Knees aren’t supposed to bend that way.

4) What is your favorite part of the job and why?

My favorite part of the job is interacting with all of the athletes and training staff. Jami and Beth are fantastic trainers and are great to work and learn under. The Oshkosh athletic trainer students are always nice and it’s a fun time to talk to them about their path to training. The other athletic trainers I work with are always up for a good joke or to throw tape at me to help them with the sudden group of athletes who need taping, we make the job really fun. Finally the athletes. They appreciate our help and bring us in as part of the team as much as they can and it is a great environment for both trainer and athlete to be able to be a part of the collegiate athletic experience.

Margaret Margaret Johnson

1) What was the grossest thing you ever saw during a game?

One of the players had stitches/staples in his hand prior to a game and during the game they came open. Never in my life have I seen that much blood—nor do I ever want to see that much blood again. His hand was gushing and we went through so much gauze trying to stop the bleeding. I’ve also seen players with dislocated shoulders have their shoulder be put back into place in between plays and it makes me cringe every single time.

2) What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job is the social aspect of it. I’ve gotten to meet and make friends with a lot of great people that I otherwise might not have gotten to know. Plus, I really enjoy watching football in general and it’s really exciting and entertaining to be on the sidelines watching your friends play a game that they’re passionate about. My favorite part of practice though is being with the O-Line because they’re always doing or saying something ridiculously funny.

3) What is the hardest part of the job?

Ankle taping was difficult to learn, but now that I’ve got it down, I feel pretty confident in what I’m expected to do. I guess the only thing that can be stressful is when the players come off the field during a game with some sort of injury or cut and you have to rush to fix them so they can get back in the game.

4) Why did you start training?

I started training because one of my friends is a trainer for the football team and mentioned the position to me. She really enjoyed it and suggested I apply. I also thought the job would be a lot of fun because I would get to watch sports and meet new people while working (which seemed like a win-win situation to me).