What’s on your iPod: Jack Canfield ’14

Jack Canfield

1. Young Joc, “It’s Goin’ Down”

Yes, yes. Turn up the bass, open the windows and meet me at the mall cause it’s goin’ down — anywhere you meet me it’s guaranteed to go down. This screams ninth grade to me, and since my IPod is vintage 2006, we might come across a few more of these. I’m not embarrassed though. You gotta represent the A – if you’re from the A, as I am.

2. Enya, “Wild Child”

Okay, this one I’m a little bit more embarrassed about. But this has sentimental value to me because the first time my girlfriend and I kissed in the backseat of a car this was playing. Okay, strange song choice maybe — but I think it was on a playlist and… it wasn’t my car! Anyways… uh… it’s a quality song.

3. James Taylor, “Carolina In My Mind”

I think the first album I ever bought was a James Taylor Greatest Hits CD. Whenever I’m not in the South and I want to be, I play me some J.T. Pick any song because they’re all very relaxing and some may even make you want to boogie.

4. Julian Casablancas, “11th Dimension”

I am a huge fan of the Strokes and Julian but when this came out I was really surprised how good of an all-around album it was. I saw him live in Atlanta and he put on a great show — but the video for this song is really cool. I also like the lyrics.

5. Mase, “Welcome Back”

If you ever see me walking around campus and I’m walking sort of funny it’s because I’m listening to this song. It just makes you feel like a badass. Unfortunately, I just look dumb to everyone else.

6. Outkast, “Morris Brown”

I love Outkast — I think we’ll be listening to “Hey Ya” in 100 years. But at my high school we do things a bit differently at graduation and my whole class actually danced out to this song instead of “Pomp and Circumstance.” Good Times.

7. Ben Sollee, “Prettiest Tree on The Mountain”

I think Ben Sollee is very innovative. His main instrument is the cello and he mixes all types of music to come up with a really new sound. I like this song in particular because I think it’s a pretty tune and it has sweet lyrics. This is what we call good porch music.

8. The Fratellis, “Henrietta”

I have a feeling that if I ever do something illegal it was because I had this on. It’s a great Friday night song and I promise it will raise your heart rate.

9. Chingy, “Holidae In”

Wow. This is from sixth grade, and extremely embarrassing. I actually remember listening to this song — singing along while my mom was in the car… ouch. Don’t worry — it was the clean version — but how clean can you make that song? Any song that uses the words “mammary” and “glands” in succession is just… bad. Oh, Chingy…

10. Taj Mahal and Left Over Salmon, “Lovin’ in My Baby’s Eyes”

This song will restore your faith in something — I don’t even know what — but it encompasses everything that is good in this world manifested in Taj Mahal’s deep man voice. Having a bad day? Want to kill someone? Not anymore! Ahhh.

11. James Vincent McMorrow, “If I Had a Boat”

I’m not ashamed to admit it- I actually found this guy from a Facebook advertisement. Go figure. But I listened to “If I Had a Boat” probably 30 times in one day. There is something both soothing and eerie about it at the same time. He’s Irish, and therefore worth the listen.