What’s on Your iPod?

1. “Casey Jones,” The Grateful Dead
I was named after this song. No joke.2. “Busted Bicycle,” Leo Kottke
Kottke plays the twelve string like no other.

3. “With a Little Help from My Friends,” The Beatles
Classic. This song makes me smile every time I hear it.

4. “Heart in a Cage,” Chris Thile
Thile is the mandolin player from Nickel Creek. Sometimes I listen to his “How to Grow a Woman from the Ground” album on repeat.

5. “Pickup Man,” Joe Diffie
This is the most hilarious country song ever. I know all of the lyrics.

6. “Cheese Cake,” Dexter Gordon
Got to love jazz saxophone.

7. “Independent,” Webbie
Listen to this song. Understand why Genna Thompson loves it. Then understand why I love Genna Thompson.

8. “The Opposite of Hallelujah,” Jens Lekman
This song reminds me of a really long car-ride and a particular Swede.

9. “Take Me Away from Here,” Sara Masterson
This is the dreamiest song. Thank you C. Drake.

10. “Big Eyed Fish” Dave Matthews Band
I only like three songs by DMB. This is one of them.