Co-op Booksale Challenges Conkey’s

Grace Christiansen

It’s a feeling familiar to students at Lawrence University. It comes at the beginning of each term along with the excitement of new classes. It’s the slightly sickening feeling experienced by hundreds of Lawrentians as they walk down College Avenue, enter Conkey’s bookshop and make their way down the stairs. This feeling comes from contemplating the price of knowledge – literally. Thankfully, there may be a remedy: the Co-op book sale.
Last week, from Monday, Mar. 3 through Thursday, Apr. 3, Co-op held its third book sale in two years. The idea of the book sale is for students to bring in books and fill out forms to accompany the books. The students answer questions such as: “Which class is this book for?” “Is the class being offered this term?” and “How much is Conkey’s charging?” Students set their own prices and leave the books to be sold in Riverview Lounge. At the end of the week, Co-op members contact the people selling the books and either give them their money or return the unsold books.
The book sale began Winter Term last year as a way for Co-op to fulfill their community service requirement.
“We want to do what we can to help the campus,” said junior Peter Raccuglia, a member of Co-op, “and what better way than recycling books? We, as Co-op, are really just there to facilitate the exchange of books between students.”
The book sale – which was advertised through posters, Facebook and, most importantly, word of mouth – was very successful this year.
“It’s not quite as comprehensive as we’d like yet,” said Raccuglia, “but it’s growing each term we do it and a lot of people are really enthusiastic about the idea. We’re looking forward to the book sale being an established thing and it’s quickly becoming one.”
At least two hundred books were sold this term, with textbooks usually priced between fifteen and twenty dollars.
If you missed the book sale this year, don’t worry. Co-op is planning on having one during the first week of every term, so hold on to your textbooks and try your luck next fall.