Question Mark: Bon Appétit

Despite innovations such as the dub box, Bon Appétit is not fulfilling my culinary needs. I, along with many other students, am tired of Bon Appétit’s monopoly on campus, particularly given the mandatory meal plan. What is the administration’s opinion on this? Are there any changes planned?

 One of the aspects of the Lawrence community that was particularly attractive to me was that we all eat together in Andrew Commons. I have eaten at more than fifty campuses across the country, and the food we have at Lawrence is in the top two percent—in fact, many times Bon Appétit prepares food that is better than the food I could prepare myself, although that might not be saying much. We have renewed our contract with Bon Appétit, and I cannot imagine finding a better partner to meet our dining and catering needs. I would strongly suggest that you contact Julie Severance, general manager of Bon Appétit at Lawrence at if you have suggestions on ways they might improve their service, which I know is one of their primary goals.