Freshman Sportlight: Cross Country

By Devin Ditto

Every week, I sit down with one freshman varsity athlete to learn about their transition to collegiate sports. This week, I spoke with Janey Degnan, runner on the cross-country (XC) and track & field teams.

Where are you from? What drew you to Lawrence?

Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It was the combination of the academic programs, the fact that there was a cross country and track team that I could compete on, and I could also be in the orchestra while doing all of these things.

How old were you when you started running?

I did a track camp over the summer in like 3rd grade. I continued into middle school and freshman year of high school with just track. Then, from sophomore year until senior year, I did both cross country and track.

You are also planning on doing track & field this year. What do you hope to bring from your Cross Country training into the track and field season?

During track, I’m a sprinter. My best events are the 200m and 400m. The training for sprinting is very different from cross country, which is more about distance and endurance. However, I believe that doing XC and building up my endurance is extremely helpful in the 400m dash, which is the longest sprint. I think doing XC will give me a little edge over athletes who do sprint training all fall.

Can you tell me your favorite memory so far this season?

Pre-season was a lot of fun…and getting to know everyone. It didn’t take long to feel like a part of the team. I can’t just pick one moment.