Question Mark: D-Term

Why should I attend the D-Term? I will be tired after Fall Term, the weather will be terrible, the credits will not apply towards my major and even the subsidized rate is too expensive for me. Can the term really be that beneficial to me? 

Many students and parents have approached me and others with interest in having more opportunities for academic experiences outside of the standard class schedule. In particular, the desire has been for this activity to occur during breaks—especially between fall and winter term.

Learning experiences are not, nor should they be, solely in the service of completing a major or minor. At the heart of a Lawrence education is the hope each Lawrentian leaves prepared for success in a rapidly changing world.

D-Term courses are designed to provide students an opportunity to take part in the incredible creativity of our faculty, take a program to prepare for a business career, or earn a certification in support of their personal interests or an academic pursuit.

While these courses will not be a fit for every student, my hope is that Lawrentians will find the D-Term to be an opportunity for intellectual engagement without the pressure of a full course load in the company of wonderful faculty and peers. My biggest regret is that we do not have the financial capacity for aid at this time.

This is a pilot program, and I hope that students will give feedback directly to Provost Dave Burrows, my Special Assistant, Eilene Hoft-March, Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association and Professor of French, or me.