Reading period trips direct student attention to future careers

As part of Career Services’ annual reading period trips, students embarked on journeys to the Twin Cities for Lawrence Scholars in Business and Chicago for Lawrence Scholars in Arts and Entertainment.

“The purpose [of these trips] was to help [students] get connections and maintain those connections,” Career Services Career Advisor, Mollie Kaebisch said.

Students with a variety of majors attended both trips. An English major attended the Chicago Business Scholars Trip while a psychology major attended the Minneapolis Arts and Entertainment Trip.

“Although the [Arts trip] can help a composition major learn how to do that work in the real world, the ultimate goal is [for students] to take the skills they are learning at Lawrence and apply them to the real world,” Kaebisch said.

Otter Pinske, a sophomore and psychology major traveled to Minnesota, believes that these goals were met.

“The goals were to expose the students to a professional environment and get tips from the real deal adults of the world,” stressed Pinske.

She also enjoyed the perspectives offered.

“[We saw] that you can make it as a self-employed musician or photographer,” said Pinske.

Sophomore Jo-Hanna Rifai, who joined the Lawrence Scholars in Business, appreciated the pace of the trip.

“We visited around six firms in the hope that we would be integrated and immersed as much as possible,” Rifai said.

Rifai found that, besides networking, the group gained vital advice.

“We got insight on what we can do now to prepare us for when we graduate and if this was the right path for each of us,” Rifai said.

According to Kaebisch,these types of ruminations mark a successful trip.

“We hope to let students understand what liberal arts means and what they could eventually do with their future career,“ concluded Kaebisch.