Forging bonds with Lawrence Security

By Glenn McMahon

Lawrence Security is a force often referred to only after a party gets busted or an RLA smells weed. Their job, ostensibly, is little more than enforcing Lawrence guidelines on student behavior—or so some might think. In reality, Lawrence Security so frequently takes it upon themselves to go above and beyond in their “line of duty” on campus.

Quickly after getting to Lawrence my freshman year, I heard about the famous “two guys in a minivan” that entails our Security. And shortly thereafter, thanks to the beauty of welcome week parties, I got to meet them. Little did I know, I was about to meet one of the kindest, most caring individuals I may ever meet.

Kevin Goggins, Security supervisor extraordinaire, hopped out of the van, and the first thing I saw was the smile on his face. Behind me on the porch, classmates and friends all waved and yelled, “Hi, Kevin!” Kevin, of course, responded, “Hey guys!”

Being the freshman I was, sitting on the porch of a house full of party-goers, I got pretty nervous. Kevin came up to the door, confirmed with the house’s RLM that no freshmen were getting “too toasted,” and departed saying, “Have a great night guys! It’s so good to see ya!”

I was dumbfounded. Security just rolled up and no one was getting busted or written up, and the police weren’t called. We got a wave and a wonderful interaction with a very friendly individual, and I left feeling strangely safe. Instead of aggressive, negatively perceived actions, Lawrence Security—and this isn’t just Kevin—takes it upon themselves to act only when asked to or when needed. Instead of fights and busts, we have a group of wonderful guys looking out for us, ready to help at a moment’s, or a five minutes drive’s, notice.

Now, as a sophomore, I’ve seen Security deal with overdoses, alcohol poisoning and people doing things they shouldn’t in dorms. I even called Kevin when I watched a car blow through the gate on Boldt, and you should’ve seen his face when he got there. I’ve talked to Kevin at midnight and heard stories of his time working at a prison; according to him, don’t tell the inmates to wait for the next guard shift to cause trouble.

I’ve discussed the passing of Kevin’s dog with him at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday; I’ve bothered Security to open and close the boat shed for ORC three times in a day before, and I must have been annoying. But I have yet to see Kevin, Bart, José and the rest of Lawrence Security in anything but a good mood, doing what they can to keep us safe, happy and having “a good time, guys.”

I suppose what I mean to say is that we students at Lawrence are a lucky group of hooligans. We can feel safe in the knowledge that Security is here to help and that their priority is our well-being and happiness. So next time you see them walking around, give a wave and a smile and know that building a relationship with Security will be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, and others around you, at this school.