Memories of Dave Golub from 5th floor Kohler

These are some memories from some of Dave’s friends that lived with him on fifth floor Kohler:
*Dave was a great many things to many different people, but to us he was the most amazing person you could live with.
*Dave’s idea of emptying the room trash was to take the bag and put it into the garbage can in the bathroom.
*Dave didn’t use a notebook, but rather a notepad that he tore his notes out of and put into a folder each day. This was because he decided he would be more organized at the beginning of the term.
*Dave could make a joke at your expense without you taking it personally. By letting you laugh at your own situation he made it less serious and easier to overcome.
*Dave was the self-proclaimed DJ in charge of playing music at any party he attended.
*Dave loved music. More than anything. You could tell when he was in his room because when he wasn’t sleeping, his music would be on, from the moment he was in the door. Other floors frequently asked him to turn his music down. He was extremely excited when he purchased a new pair of speakers and he immediately told everyone on the floor. Since then, the complaints rose exponentially. He usually did his best to comply and turn down his music, but not before he said something like, “You can hear it on your floor? Really? That’s so awesome. It’s technology. I love technology, don’t you?”
*Dave would bring various people to his room to sing and record music with for fun and seriousness.
*Sometimes he left the music on when he was in the shower and his door was still open. He was always sharing music with other people.
*Dave once took a bus to Chicago to see Girl Talk and Dan Deacon. He got thrown out of the venue for trying to get past barricades to take a peek at DJ equipment and learn about it through seeing it. The Security had a terrible time getting him outside. He reported the event later and was greatly amused. This is just one of the many ways that exhibits the drive that he possessed. When he wanted something, like learning about music or DJ stuff, he would not let anyone stand in his way.
*He would sit on the steps outside listening to music, usually a song he had made and just enjoy a beautiful night’s weather.
*He would listen to James Brown or Bob Dylan for a whole week nonstop.
*He once skipped all of his classes to watch the entire series of Band of Brothers. He reported that it was epic.
*He would spontaneously break out into various characters. He had a great Woody Allen impersonation.
*He was occasionally found in the bathroom admiring how ripped or buff he was and he would make a joke to that effect. He wasn’t afraid to make jokes at his own expense.
*Dave would impulsively buy things and impulsively make new friends. He went out of his way to befriend others. He would randomly break dance in people’s rooms for fun.
*He always got ready for Cross Country practice a half an hour early and would ask if everyone else was ready to leave even though they never were.
*Dave always told people about his roommate, Cuong, and he would always end the story by saying, “I love my roommate; he’s so great.”
*Dave would blurt out anything he was thinking at any moment. He was brutally honest and he expected the same from others. He could tell when people were lying and he didn’t care what other people thought about who he was. He always told it like it was. He had a wonderful way of asking you something that he already knew the answer to just so that you would say it.
*Dave was very intelligent and more inquisitive than anyone else and he made a point of demonstrating it constantly.
*Dave is the only person we knew who could go to a different party every ten minutes or so. He would stay just long enough to change the atmosphere and then find a new one.
*Dave would walk across the hall, looking for chocolate and would only leave once his need was satisfied.
*Dave had more energy than anyone you know and he had the passion to equal it. The two of them combined led to his approaching every task with the same indescribable intensity.
*Dave once found a stockpile of old furniture being thrown away. He salvaged most all of it with a number of trips, bringing back items for his room and the rooms of the rest of us.
*Dave had very expressive eyes. He could make them extremely wide to convey many emotions.
*When Dave heard anyone else playing the guitar he would walk into the room, ask them to start playing something and accompany them on the spot for however long it took for him to be satisfied. Then he would say it was good and he was glad we did that and leave the room just as he came in.
*Dave encouraged all his friends through positive thoughts. He could not be kept down by anyone and he made sure that none of his friends were either.