Question Mark: LUCC elections

Do you believe LUCC effectively represents student voices on campus? In what ways can it improve, and how can your office facilitate that improvement?

The Lawrence University Community Council is an important part of the shared governance of this institution. Through appointment of students to university committees, communicating with the Board of Trustees on behalf of all students, and authoring many of the policies that pertain to student life on the campus, its centrality to how Lawrence is governed is clear.

The administration and Board rely on the LUCC to represent the voices of students on campus, but the first question is really one that students should be answering by participating in LUCC elections and meetings.

As for improvements that LUCC might make for itself, again, that is a question for the student body. I do hope that LUCC might find ways to help more student organizations collaborate more effectively and increase the sense of university-wide community. My office will continue to rely on LUCC for many essential matters and, as always, will be ready and willing to support the Community Council in any way we can.