Memories of Dave Golub -ZPR and Paul Stevens

Even days after the news of your passing, we still don’t know exactly what to say or how to feel. Both of us knew you from the start of your time here at Lawrence, and recognized your unique personality and passion for life. We both had the privilege of being a part of the cross country team with you, where we saw your incredible natural talent to compete. However, more importantly, we saw your true passion in relating to us as teammates and people. Your profound ability to connect with anyone and everyone you have ever met has made you a true friend forever.ZPR- To pick out a specific encounter or moment we shared Dave, would be too difficult.
Whether it was you high-fiving me — the manager/camera man –during a cross country race or performing our memorable rendition of the song “Its Business Time,” you always made me appreciate the little things in life. Although I am not currently on campus, I already feel, in truth, overwhelmed. It is a shame that Lawrence and this world will not get the privilege of seeing more of your wide talents. I hope you knew how much you meant to me as a friend, and how much I respected you as a person.

PRS- As a fellow member of Sambistas & Kinkaviwo (LUPE), we will forever miss your true passion, energy and desire for the music and dance that we practiced for so many hours. I’m so glad we both got to share a little of what makes life at Lawrence just so special.
With Love from London,

Zach-Patrick Riley and Paul Stevens