Freshman Sportlight: Fencing

By Devin Ditto

Will Henry has been an important new addition to the fencing team and been one of the most successful epee fighters this year.

Where are you from? What drew you to Lawrence?

New Hampshire. The fencing team was a big thing, and Lawrence had all of the majors I was interested in. It also wasn’t too hot.

How old were you when you started fencing?

About 14 years old.

What sparked that initial interest in the sport?

I really liked the Count of Monte Cristo, and the main character was an amazing sword fighter. I thought it would be really cool to do that, then I found out it was a sport.

How has the transition been from high school into college?

It’s a lot more rigorous in college. We practice just about every day, and they are a lot more intense. We also have to do strength training, plyo and cardio. There is just a lot more training in college than there was in high school.

What do you feel like you have brought to the team so far and what do you hope to continue to bring?

It’s too early in my college career to answer that question. Ask me again next year.

What have you learned so far this season, that you can apply to future seasons?

A lot of it has been going back to the simple stuff—even things like how I stand. Basically just re-thinking all of the basic build blocks of how I fence. It can be frustrating, but learning these things differently will help me perform better.

How has being an athlete helped you academically?

It’s taught me to manage my time better, because I don’t have any now. It’s also great to have a community of people who have done this whole thing before, to sort of be there to advise me on certain things.

What is a random fact about yourself?

I was born in Japan and lived there for about 4 years.