Freshman Sportlight: Track & Field

By Devin Ditto

Sage Greenlee has been a valuable member of the Track & Field team and is looking forward to the Midwest Conference (MWC) Championships this weekend.

Where are you from? What drew you to Lawrence?

Fort Collins, Colorado. I had actually had college counselors who had sent some students here before and they recommended it. So, I filled out the recruitment form, and came out and just fell in love.

How old were you when you started doing track and field?

7th grade, so probably 12.

What got you interested in the sport?

We had field day in middle school where we could try all of the different events, and I tried the high jump and was good at it, so I pursued it.

You are going to be doing track and field in the spring as well, correct? What do you hope to bring from this season to next season?

Well, this season, one of the things I learned the most was how dedicated everyone is to the sport, so I hope to go into spring season and work really hard, get better and improve on the team.

How has transitioning from high school athletics into college athletics been?

It’s been good – it’s definitely a lot more commitment here. It’s every single day, it’s lifting two or three times a week. It’s a lot more, a lot more intense. I think it’s good because it gives me something to do when I’m done with school. I love my team.

How has being an athlete influenced you academically?

It really pushed me to do better, because there is a standard of academic excellence on the team. It helps with getting things done on time; you can’t really be a procrastinator when you’re in athletics.

What do you think you have brought to the team so far this season and what do you hope to continue to bring in the next few weeks?

I’m definitely a social and energetic person, so I feel like I bring that upbeat energy to the team. I’m just really working hard, and I hope for future seasons to be a role model for younger people on the team.