What’s on Your iPod?: Dave O’Donnell

1. “All the World Tonight,” Graham Colton Band
Not many people have heard of Graham Colton, which is shame because he’s really good. This is my favorite song from his second Album, and is really worth listening to. 2. “My Stupid Mouth,” John Mayer
I’m a big John Mayer fan, “Room for Squares” is one of my favorite CD’s ever. I think everyone can relate to the protagonist in this song. I mean everyone has stuck their foot in their mouth’s at one point or another.

3. “Hero/ Heroine,” Boys Like Girls
Not gonna lie, I love singing in the shower and this song is one of my favorite shower tunes. It’s not the most original song, but it’s damn catchy, and that’s all I really want in a shower song. No Pavarotti for me.

4. “Superman,” Lazlo Blane
You know the Scrub’s theme song? This is it. I’m really going to miss the show after this season; I really hope that ABC picks it up and we get a couple more seasons of J.D and Dr. Cox.

5. “Just Dance,” Jamiroquai
Ok, I’m really bad dancer and I know it, but for some reason every time I hear this song I get this compulsion to dance. I don’t know if there’s some sort of subliminal message imbedded in the song but something about this track makes me want to boogie.

6. “Bleed it Out,” Linkin Park
As my friends can attest, I take Intramural Basketball seriously, perhaps too seriously. I listen to this song before every game and it gets me feeling loose and energetic. I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skills but you never know.

7. “What’s my age again,” Blink 182
This song is just fun. This was one of those songs that everyone listened to in middle school, and its just as catchy and ridiculous now as it was back then. On a side note, this was the first song I downloaded using Napster.

8. “Believe,” Yellowcard
I chose this song because of the fact that it’s about 9/11, which for me will always be a very important day to remember. Every time I hear this song I can’t help but think about where I was when I first heard the news.

9. “West Virginia,” Tom O’Donnell’s cover of John Denver’s
My dad released a CD a little more than a year ago and this has to be my favorite track from it. Seeing that I don’t get to see my parents very often, whenever I start to feel homesick I listen to this song and I feel better.

10. “Flake,” Jack Johnson
I went through a big Jack Johnson phase my freshmen at LU and this was by far my favorite song. Whenever this song comes up on my Ipod I immediately begin to relax and find myself humming along.