Memories of Dave Golub -Margaret Kiely

David Golub was one of my son’s first friends at Washington International School when we arrived in DC in 2000. Being an Irish family who emigrated to Belgium and then moved to DC for an assignment for a couple of years, David was so instrumental in helping my son integrate into the school. David was generous beyond belief and such good company! As a parent, I truly appreciated this generosity of spirit from David. From our friendship with David, we developed a friendship with his parents who are kind, generous and basically the best you can meet in life. I will always remember our bicycle rides down the Potomac river in the evenings with David — more athletic than any of us — and I will never forget the Stoddert football games where David was fast, light on his feet and very talented in comparison to all of the other players. We were so glad he was on our team!
There is no right way to say how sad we are to hear this news so I am not going to try — it is his family who truly understand this loss. For those of us who have not yet had to cope with such a loss, we have no idea how it feels. We will always remember that David played a very big part in our lives and for that we are very grateful and will remember him forever.

Margaret Kiely