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In the coming weeks, returning Lawrentians will face the much — dreaded housing selection process while seniors will joyfully skip out on this rite of spring term. While sorting out living arrangements is an inherently stressful situation, there are few changes that could be enacted to make this procedure run smoother.
Some of these of changes are pretty obvious and would be easy to enact. There is no need to force 300 plus students into Riverview amid May temperatures at a single time, especially when the Rec Center is just a few steps away. The Recreation Center would provide a much more open and quiet environment, helping alleviate the frenzy that is now almost the staple of any year’s housing selections.
Complimentary snacks might also make the process less painful. If the Wellness committee finds that tenth week is stressful enough to merit free food, than the housing selection processes should enjoy the same benefit.
There are other problems, however, that the housing committee needs to address that extend far above the logistics of the actual selection process.
As a rule of thumb, students should have as many options to housing as possible. As of now, males and females can only share rooms on the third and fourth floors of Hiett, the two Executive houses and/or any of the houses, theme or general. Since these residence areas are some of the most coveted spots, this leaves students who want to room with a member of the opposite sex restricted to waiting until they are seniors with good numbers.
Opening rooms on floors with two bathrooms — such as second and third floors of Sage and both floors of Brokaw — to the gender neutral option would expand the housing opportunities for these students.
Overall, housing selection is a mostly fair process, but some minor changes could make it more bearable for all involved.