“There’s a place” opens at MOWA

Saturday, April 11, marked the opening of a retrospective gallery of photographic and musical work by Associate Professors of art John Shimon and Julie Lindemann. Shimon and Lindemann teach photography and new media in art courses at Lawrence together.

The retrospective, entitled “There’s a Place,” took place at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) in West Bend, Wis. The museum offered free admission to Lawrence students and featured a live jazz band from the Lawrence conservatory. The exhibit was attended by Lawrence students and faculty—several members of the art department attended, as well as President Mark Burstein.

Dean of the Conservatory Brian Pertl was also present, playing a variation of the didgeridoo while he walked around the gallery. Shimon remarked that he likes the atmosphere the instrument creates.

The retrospective largely featured prints of photographs by Shimon and Lindemann, as well as a record produced in 1983 of music by Shimon and Lindemann’s band “Hollywood Autopsy,” also including Cyndee Bauhduin and Bob Wasserman. The record was played on one of Shimon’s own record players.

Snacks were also provided, including cheese dip provided by Pine River, a dairy company presided over by Philip Lindemann, Julie Lindemann’s brother.

Shimon explained that he thought the retrospective was a success, although it was “costing [Shimon and Lindemann] quite a bit” to exhibit. Shimon and Lindemann were unable to attend due to complications with Lindemann’s health.

Shimon and Lindemann were born in Manitowoc, Wis., and have been photographing the Midwest in tandem for over 30 years and teaching at Lawrence together for the last 15 years.

Also featured at the MOWA were works from “The Pitch Project,” a group of artists “Sonja Thomsen, Will Pergl, Jason Yi and arts advocate/Milwaukee beer baron Mike Brenner,” according to the Museum of Wisconsin Art’s website. Yi has worked with the Lawrence art department before, most recently in creating an untitled installation of zip ties inside the Wriston Art Center on campus.

“There’s a Place,” will be open until June 7, 2015.